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This researcher analyzed thirty-eight Caldecott and New York Time Choice of Best Illustrated Children's Books of the Year from 1985-1990 by means of a checklist to determine if 1) twice as many male characters will be pictured or refered to than females 2) female characters will exhibit twice as many passive traits than do male characters 3) male characters will be portrayed in three times as many careers 4) females will be shown twice as often in domestic/nurturing roles as males 5) male characters will be shown in twice as many instances caring for and protecting female characters than being cared for and protected by female characters 6) award-winning books from 1985 to 1990 will show twice as many characters of both sexes have the possibility to reach their full human potential than in the Weitzman et al. study of Caldecott Award winners done in 1972. Data results led to acceptance of Hypotheses 2 and 6 and the rejection of Hypotheses 1 ,,3, 4, and 5.

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Master of Arts


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Leah Hiland


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