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This paper is intended to serve as a preliminary study for the formation of an elementary school media center designed to serve Chiricahua Apache children. At present time the Chiricahua do not have a home reservation. A lawsuit has been filed to regain their reservation in the southeas.t corner of Arizona which was terminated by executive order in 1877, The Chiricahua people are scattered, with some making their homes on the Mescalero Reservation in New Mexico, the San Carlos Reservation in Arizona, and at Ft. Sill, Oklahoma.. The majority of the group lives in the Sierra Madre Mountains of Mexico. While this paper is applicable primarily to the Chiricahua 2u. S., Commission on Civil Rights, The Southwest Indian Report of the U. s. Commission on Civil Rights (Washington, D. C,: Government Printing Office, May, 1973, p. 26. 3 Apache, it may also be useful for people working with other Apache group:;. Although the Chiricahua are the most traditional of the Apache, the basic philosophies remain primarily the same for most Apache. With the present federal Indian policy of self-determination and the passage of the Indian Education Act al 1972, Indian people now have the opportunity to contract with the Federal Government to control their own educational programs. Before proceeding to a discussion of a media center designed for elementary Chiricahua Apache students, this paper will summarize essential background materials relating to the history of Indian education in the United States and to the Chiricahua Apache culture.

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