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The purpose of this study was to analyze the impact and effectiveness of a student video news project that was initiated in the fall of 1998 as the result of receiving a McElroy Trust Fund grant. A secondary purpose was to determine whether the student video news production was more effective than the traditional approach where the principal used the public address system. Three questionnaires were used to solicit input from school staff and students. The staff was surveyed in the spring of 1999 and 2000 whereas students were surveyed in December 1999 after one year of production. Results were conclusive that the student video news production was more successful in year two than in year one in 1) informing, 2) educating and 3) entertaining viewers. Also approximately four-fifths of all staff and students surveyed indicated that the student video news production was more effective than the principal communicating to students via the public address system.

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Master of Arts


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Sharon E. Smaldino


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