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The purpose of this study was to present a history of the Women's State Reformatory Library at Rockwell City, Iowa. The writer investigated the history of the library between the years 1940 and 1980, but the emphasis has been focused on the relatively recent history of the library because very few records were identified prior to the 1970 1 s. Primary and secondary resources were obtained through 1) personal interviews with past and present employees, and administrative personnel associated with the library, 2) past records at the Reformatory and at the Iowa State Library, 3) periodicals newspapers, and annual reports from the Board of Control, and 4) records at the Iowa State Library and interviews with the institutional library consultant. The conclusions of this study are: 1) the Reformatory falls short of the Standards for Adult Correctional Institutions Draft II, but, during the past five years the library has improved and is working to meet ·these standards; 2) the inmate librarian has· the responsibility for executing the goals set forth by the administration of the Reformatory; • • •• • v' . ' and 3) the inmate librarian and her assistant are doing a very good job maintaining the library, but a professional librarian is needed to maintain consistency and uniformity within the library.

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