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Despite a wealth of past studies investigating summer reading loss, summer reading programs, and the contributions of public libraries to reading promotion, school libraries lack a reading promotion guide using research based elements derived from best practices in public libraries' summer reading programs to be used throughout the year in a school library context. For the months of August through May, promotional pieces were created and collated to provide teacher librarians an online guide for implementing a research based guide to reading success in a school library context. Activities were created to match at least four of the eight qualities identified in research as having contributed to a successful summer library reading program: Building relationships with students and caregivers, encouraging reading accountability for students and parents, encouraging positive independent reading habits, ample opportunity for library use, collaboration between the public librarian and teacher librarian, access for all students, including those of low socioeconomic status, informational and educational opportunities for caregivers, and providing program opportunities that appeal to male students. Questions addressed included how the public and teacher librarian can collaboratively encourage students and parents to become summer and lifelong readers and how teacher librarians can apply research based best practices of public library summer reading programs in a school library context. The documents are accessible through an online website for immediate and widespread access. Documents are organized on a monthly basis for ease of use and user-friendly navigation.

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