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High school speech instructors frequently use picture storybooks in their curriculum. Picture storybooks differ from illustrated storybooks and picture books because they are the only type of the three that includes a balanced union between text and illustrations. An observation made at a high school speech contest in Iowa was the impetus for the formation of a bibliography of picture storybooks suitable for speech contest work. The researcher located, read, annotated, and categorized books reviewed in The Horn Book Magazine between 1989 and 1992. Of the 497 books read, 363 formed a bibliography of picture storybooks divided among these categories: dramatic acting; humorous acting; poetry, dramatic; poetry, humorous; poetry, seriocomic; prose, dramatic; prose, humorous; prose, seriocomic; storytelling, dramatic; storytelling, humorous; and storytelling, seriocomic. The suitability of many titles for speech communications coursework was expected; the difficulty of locating the books was not.

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Barbara R. Safford


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