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School children--Books and reading--Iowa; Reading interests--Iowa;


The purpose of this qualitative case study was to examine the impact a teacher librarian has on 12 fifth grade students’ self-selection strategies and its broader impact on a culture of reading in a school building. This study focused on two research questions: 1) How can reader identity be cultivated by a teacher librarian? 2) How can the knowledge of reader identity be used by a teacher librarian to impact self-selection strategies and develop a culture of reading? Semi-structured interviews (see Appendix A) and participant observation (see Appendix B) notes were analyzed using content analysis. Categories and an initial coding scheme (see Appendix C) were developed based on the findings from several past studies (Yeo et al., 2014; Buis, 2020; McGeown et al., 2020). For each of the three categories, the following three themes emerged with insight into the research questions: (1) In order for teacher librarians to cultivate reader identity, teacher librarians need to be aware of how students describe readers and how students see themselves as readers. (2) Whether it be past reading memories, parental reading role models, or current student practices, unearthing students home literacy environments (HLE) will help teacher librarians have a better understanding of students' reader identity. This knowledge can be used while adding in students’ self-selection of books, and ultimately when building a culture of reading in a school building. (3) Students need time to read, both at home and in school, have pleasurable reading experiences, and have teachers that take a personal interest in what they are reading in order for students to form a positive relationship with reading, have strong self-selection strategies, and ultimately stronger reading cultures within the school.

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