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The purpose of this quantitative content analysis was to analyze state consortium-purchased digital literature spanning grades 9-12 for representation of diverse groups to include LGBTQIA, Native, people of color, gender diversity, people with disabilities, and ethnic, cultural, and religious groups, and to answer the questions of which literature represented the diverse groups, which role(s) the diverse characters played in the text, and to what extent the representations were authentic. Titles were analyzed using professional journal reviews and a researcher-developed checklist. Out of the sample of 61 titles, it was found that 66% included diverse representation of some sort. Publication date was found to be important to consider when looking at diverse representation; of the sample, 86% of the titles with no representation were published in 2016 or before. Additionally, representation of all diverse groups except Natives was present in the sample, indicating that authors and publishers are becoming increasingly aware of the necessity of diverse representation; however, the lack of Native voices proves there is considerably more to be done. The role(s) played by the diverse characters and the quality of the representation also varied. While representation was present, not all groups were represented equally in number or in authenticity. The findings highlight the need for any schools that do not purchase e-books beyond the basic provided titles to scrutinize their collections to assure diverse representations for all students.

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