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Self-injurious behavior; Self-mutilation;


Self-harm is becoming more and more prevalent in clinician offices and is still an occurrence that mental health professionals do not agree upon in several ways. To this day, there is a debate among mental health professionals, as even to what term it should be referred to as, the exact definition that should represent selfharm, and most importantly the proper and most effective way to treat it. Amongst all of the professional disagreeing there are clients who are presenting with self-harm and are not getting proper treatment and, in some cases, may be walking away with worse self-harm ideations than when they initially came in for treatment. Mental health professionals need to know and understand the information that surrounds this concern in order to assist those clients that are looking to them for help and an answer for their internal pain.

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Master of Arts in Education


Department of Educational Leadership and Postsecondary Education

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Linda Nebbe

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John K. Smith


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