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Urban runoff--Iowa--Cedar Falls--Management;


As the United States developed into an urban and industrial economy, the physical landscape of the nation changed. Wilderness gave weigh to civilization and, over time, the urban lifestyle evolved. Since then, unpaved right-of-way has become impervious skeletons that hold modern cities intact. Lined with buildings and rooftops, parking lots and driveways, water can only be directed from above ground to other locations when it rains or snows. This paper is a literature review of the history of stormwater management practices, description of the Phase II program within the Federal Clean Water Act, and a descriptive analysis of structural and non-structural practices implemented in other cities. The objective is to offer suggestion to the city of Cedar Falls, Iowa as it develops and begins implementation of a stormwater management program. As a developing program, the city has the advantage of learning from others’ experience, yet the disadvantage of approaching a compliance deadline with less implementation time. The practices and case studies in this paper are meant to guide the city through both positive and negative examples to make best use of remaining compliance time.

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