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This qualitative case study reports the influence book clubs have on the reading motivation of third through fifth grade students, including reluctant readers, and examines how book clubs can be used as a reading promotion tool to enhance the reading culture of the school library program. Forty-one third through fifth grade students and their teacher librarian from a small Pre-K through eighth grade private school in Midwestern suburb met via Zoom in separate grade level book club meetings once during the spring 2020 semester. The researcher discovered three main themes in response to the research questions: 1) Sociability with Others through Conversations around the Book motivates students to read the book, 2) Appreciation for the Novelty of Book Club through Choice of Book and a Snack, and 3) Reading Motivation and Book Club Appeal Enhance Reading Culture through an Essential Teacher Librarian Role. The camaraderie of being with their peers, love of reading, interest in the book club book, and the collaborative community book clubs create, make book clubs an excellent reading promotional tool that enhances a school library program’s reading culture

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