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Mosquitoes--Control--Iowa; Pesticides--Application--Iowa;


Global warming has been associated with an increase of mosquito-borne diseases. Mosquito-borne diseases currently have no prescription remedies. The counties across the state of Iowa will increase their fogging procedure, to supplement the increase in mosquitos and mosquito-borne diseases. This study examined which chemicals each county uses for mosquito abatement, the patterns and frequency of spraying, and what patterns of human exposure may be occurring. The county auditor was identified and recruited via email. The county auditors across the state forwarded the email message to the Environmental Health Director, in each county. At county level, they are not in control of the fogging procedure. The individual cities, within those counties, are the ones in control of the fogging procedure. The search engine Google was used to telephone and recruit city administrators across the state of Iowa. These city administrators would also identify, who specifically applies the fogging procedure. These individuals were recruited to partake in the applicator survey. The results showed applicators, across the state of Iowa, are not allowing their pesticide usage be public and research knowledge, rotating their pesticide usage, meeting the FIFRA certifications, and lacking the training for PPE. The state of Iowa should ensure all applicators are FIFRA certified, properly PPE trained, rotate their pesticides, and allow their usage be public and research available.

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