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Librarians, teachers and other adults concerned with motivating reading among youth hunters want to provide them with books that feature the sport; however many sources cite a concern at the lack of positive, or at least neutral, portrayal of hunting in books for youth. There was also a lack of any comprehensive bibliography that identified books that feature hunters and hunting, yet alone one that identified how they were portrayed in those books. The purpose of this project was to create an annotated bibliography which would fill that gap and support recommendations for reading and purchase. The annotated bibliography consists of 101 hunting picture books and novels which the researcher analyzed through book summaries and reviews. The annotations include notes about various hunting aspects and book review information. Among the 101 titles in the annotated bibliography, the number of positive, negative, and neutral overall portrayals of hunters or hunting are 51 (51%), 20 (20%), and 26 (26%), respectively; there were 4 (4%) titles with no overall portrayal of hunters or hunting that the researcher could ascertain from the reviews or summaries. A review of related literature included the topics of hunters and hunting, culturally relevant texts, and student interests.

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