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Published article: Davidson, T. (2024). Culture, Politics, and Economics: Alcohol and the Dynamic Social Environment of Celtic Europe. International Social Science Review, 100(1), 16 pages.

URL: https://issr.ungjournals.org/articles/699


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Celts, Alcohol, Environment, Archaeology, Europe


Celtic culture in Iron Age Europe set the stage for many modern European nations and their cultural geographies. This paper seeks to question the connection between historical accounts of Celtic culture and the production and consumption of alcohol. In particular, the interactions between alcohol and the cultural, economic, and political of Celtic Age European populations is explored through modern archaeological sciences and geographic interpretation. From this research, a clear connection between regional environments and trends of alcohol production, trade, and flavor preference is demonstrated from thematic artifacts and bioarchaeological remains. Interactions between the southern Celtic tribes and Mediterranean cultures is also explored, with the discussion of various hypotheses relating to trade, warfare, cultural diffusion models, and cross-cultural variation to describe this international relationship. This research ultimately concluded on a clear connection between Celtic age alcohol cultures and the regional environments of their age, while also hinting towards a potential trend of widespread cultural diffusion between mainland and Mediterranean Europe visible in the modern day. This may best be used as an informational tool to teach anthropology and geography students the importance of small artifacts as they relate to regional and environmental cultures, many of which may persist through time.

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