The makeup of students in our classrooms is becoming more diverse. With this change comes the need for educators to provide accommodations for students and to employ a range of instructional strategies. Arts integration in the content areas is one way to engage students and to encourage individual expression. The purpose of this practical article is to highlight a lesson incorporating the arts and Edward de Bono’s CoRT Thinking Skills to support twice exceptional learners, specifically English Language Learners and students with Attention Deficit Disorder/Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Doctoral students considered the formation of pyramids and structures on Mars using three of de Bono’s CoRT Thinking Skills, including Consider All Factors, Other People’s Views, and Analyze and then participated in a songwriting activity to showcase their learning. Results showed continuous student engagement throughout the lesson that expanded and broadened their thinking about how the pyramids and structures on Mars may have been created.



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