Volume 97, Number 4 (1990)

Issue cover date: December 1990

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General Interest Articles



Changes in a Prairie Bird Population From 1940 to 1989 p. 115-120
Neil P. Bernstein, Kristine K. Baker, and Sherry R. Wilmot


Time to Metamorphosis as a Function of Larval Size in a Population of Ambystoma tigrinum Salamanders Consisting of Cannibal and Typical Morph Phenotypes p. 121-126
Michael J. Lannoo, Michael P. Sweet, Nancy M. Ladehoff, Edmund S. Fangman, and William B. Collins


The Effect of Harvesting on Macrophyte Regrowth and Water Quality in LaDue Reservoir, Ohio p. 127-132
G. Dennis Cooke, Angela B. Martin, and Robert E. Carlson


Plant Parasitic Fungi of Four Tallgrass Prairies of Northern Iowa: Distribution and Prevalence p. 157-166
Lois H. Tiffany, Judy F. Shearer, and George Knaphus


Holocene Vegetational Changes in Eastern Iowa p. 167-177
R. G. Baker, C. A. Chumbley, P. M. Witinok, and H. K. Kim


The Mating Systems and Pollination Biology of Three Species of Verbena (Verbenaceae) p. 178-183
Robert W. Cruden, Kristina K. Baker, Thomas E. Cullinan, Karen A. Disbrow, Kelly L. Douglas, John D. Erb, Kenneth J. Kirsten, Mary L. Malik, Elizabeth A. Turner, Jonathon A. Weier, and Sherry R. Wilmot

Student Research

Science Education


A Summer Course in Invertebrate Developmental Biology at Iowa Lakeside Laboratory: A Unique Experience p. 184-189
Carol W. Schutte, Dale J. Witt, Nicole Y. Janosek, Douglas E. Robinson, Edwin C. Powell, and George G. Brown

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