Volume 109, Number 1-2 (2002)

Issue cover date: March-June 2002

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General Interest Articles



Effects of Field Size and Landscape Composition on Grassland Birds in South-Central Iowa p. 1-7
David Joseph Horn, Rolf R. Koford, and Malinda L. Braland


Factors Influencing the Occurrence of Birds That Use Feeders in Iowa p. 8-18
David Joseph Horn, Steve E. Fairbairn, and Richard J. Hollis


Identification and Distribution of Masked and Hayden's Shrews (genus Sorex) in Iowa p. 19-24
Howard P. Whidden, Alison W. Ray, and John B. Bowles


Inheritance of Gray Leaf Spot Resistance in Corn p. 25-29
J. M. D. Crowley, A. R. Hallauer, and C. A. Martinson

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