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morels, sponge mushrooms, false morels, Morchella, Verpa, Gyromitra


The distribution, time of fruiting and habitats of morels and false morels in Iowa were documented during a 10 year survey (1984-1993). Distribution maps for each species also include information from published reports and from herbarium records. The true morel genus, Morchella, is represented in Iowa by five species. Three of these species, M. deliciosa, M. esculenta and M. crassipes, are sometimes interpreted as segments of one large, extremely variable species. M. semilibera and M. angusticeps also occur. M. angusticeps, a black morel, has not been previously reported from Iowa. Four false morels, two species in each of two genera, Verpa conica, Verpa bohemica, Gyromitra brunnea, Gyromitra caroliniana, also develop in the spring during morel season. One species of Gyromitra, G. infula, a fall species known in Iowa only from a single collection in Johnson County in Sept 1926 by G.W. Martin, is not included in this paper. The earliest date of collection was Verpa bohemica on 1 April, the latest was Morchella esculenta on 10 June. However, the average first collection date for any species was 12 April and the average latest date was 22 May. Distribution in Iowa was quite limited for some species of morels and false morels. Habitats were not uniquely different for any species, but distinctive associations were reported to be common for some species.

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March 1998

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Journal of the Iowa Academy of Science





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