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Our two prior ISTJ editorials in the Iowa Science Teacher Journal (Clough & Kruse, 2010a & 2010b) have applied a conceptual change framework (Posner, Strike, Hewson & Gertzog, 1983; Pintrich et al., 1993; Abd-El-Khalick & Akerson, 2004; Clough, 2006a) to understand the difficulties students have in abandoning their intuitive ideas about the natural world and, for the same reasons, the difficulties teachers have in jettisoning their intuitive and learning. Our last editorial noted that in both cases, dissatisfaction with prior ways of thinking must be achieved before alternative ways of thinking will be seriously sought and considered. To initiate a sense of dissatisfaction with intuitive common teaching practices (i.e. lectures, textbook readings and questions, worksheets, and highly directive activities), we noted the overwhelming evidence that such practices have not promoted conceptual understanding of science concepts or other equally important goals for science education. We also emphasized how easily these kinds of teaching practices can be emulated by machines, a point we hope raises not only questions, but also indignity, regarding the pervasive nature of those teaching practices.

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Fall 2010

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Iowa Science Teachers Journal





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