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Religion--Study and teaching (Secondary);


When most people hear that one wants to increase the study of religions in a public high school most think that it will infringe on the constitutional rights of the students, but this is not the case. "Teaching about religion in the schools is often confused with the teaching of religion, or religious advocacy and indoctrination." This quotation describes why the study of religion has been left out, but it is imperative to understand why the study of religion is so important in a 21st century education. Diane L. Moore gave five main reasons why she felt students need to study religion. The first is that it is an important part of the human experience. Secondly, it gets students to identify and question normal cultural assumptions since it will give them a new perspective and ideas. This will help arouse critical thinking and reflection. The third reason is that ignorance of different religions promotes misunderstanding and decreases respect for those who are different. The fourth reason is that it makes understanding much of human history and culture very difficult, since they do not have such an important element to both. The last reason is that knowing about different religions is essential for the functioning of our democracy in an increasing pluralistic age. Students will also increase their intelligence, critical thinking skills, and multiculturalism since they will be given new views and understandings of the world. All of these reasons would help students increase their religious literacy and help them achieve success both inside and outside the classroom.

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