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Lindsey Squires, Honors Thesis Advisor


Stuttering in children--Treatment; Stutterers--Services for;


Stuttering occurs when there are frequent and effortful disfluencies in speech. People who stutter may have individual difficulties with particular sounds, but the research showed that some commonalities exist. Fluency shaping may be a helpful strategy for those who stutter to reduce the occurrence and frequency of and tension in stuttering. The majority of struggles that people who stutter have are related to negative thoughts and feelings about their stuttering, so this is also important to be targeted in therapy. Narrative therapy is a possible option to reduce these negative thoughts and feelings.

In order to provide a resource for school-age children who stutter and speech-language pathologists working with these clients, a workbook with fluency shaping and narrative therapy activities was created. The steps to create this workbook included reviewing and analyzing published workbooks and planning out the new workbook. There was a total of five fluency shaping and five narrative therapy activities in the created 70-page workbook. This workbook offers a well-rounded therapy approach for speech-language pathologists to use with school-age children who stutter as it targets both primary stuttering behaviors and emotions. Limitations may include lack of participants to trial the workbook, complexity of activities for certain clients, and a limited review of published workbooks.

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