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Melissa Dobosh, Honors Thesis Advisor


The present study investigated the relationship between involvement in campus ministry and students’ socialization to the university. Campus ministry participants (N=62) representing eight of eleven registered campus ministries completed an online 39-question Qualtrics survey that sought to evaluate their involvement in ministry activities, social involvement in their campus ministry, social involvement in their university, and socialization to the university through history, politics, and goals and values. A significant positive correlation was found between involvement in ministry activities and social involvement in campus ministry as well as between each of the three socialization variables. There were also significant positive correlations found between social involvement in the campus ministry and social involvement in the university as well as social involvement in the campus ministry and socialization through goals and values. These findings indicate involvement in campus ministry appears to facilitate socialization to the university.

Keywords: involvement, campus ministry, socialization, history, politics, goals, values

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