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Steve O’Kane


College students--Health and hygiene; Chiropractic;


Chiropractic medicine is a complementary health approach that focuses on the use of adjustments, mainly to the spine, and is typically sought to reduce pain (Chiropractic: In Depth, 2016). The National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health, a part of the National Institute of Health, found in 2007 that more than 18 million American adults had received a chiropractic adjustment or osteopathic manipulation in the previous year. The NIH recognizes that chiropractic adjustments appear beneficial in reducing low back pain and may be beneficial in treating headaches, neck pain, and a number of other conditions with temporary minor adverse effects and very rarely severe side effects. These health difficulties occur frequently in college students; in this paper, I explore not only why we should increase access to chiropractic treatments for college students, but also outline how this could be achieved at the University of Northern Iowa. To facilitate these objectives, I conducted a comprehensive literature review and utilized these studies to form a conclusion about how access to chiropractic care may be increased at UNI.

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