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Wendy Miller


Children with autism spectrum disorders--Education; Art--Study and teaching;


Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) describes a complex group of brain development disorders characterized by difficulties in social interaction, communication and behavior. ASD is one of the nation's leading disorders, affecting nearly one in every 68 children (Centers for Disease Control Prevention, 2017). Currently there is limited understanding and research in ways ASD is being promoted and integrated within art education. This limitation has led to blurred understandings in how art educators can adapt materials, projects, and roles of paraprofessionals within the classroom. Societal views on ASD often deny the giftedness of these children and fail to see the effects that ASD dependence has on helping these students be successful. Many students with ASD are dependent on certified individuals within education to constantly help them find their unique path of learning. It is urgent that we deepen our research and understanding of how ASD students can be best served throughout their k-12 art education endeavors. This research will help identify where further applications should continue exploring the current areas lacking adequate ASD awareness within K-12 art education classrooms.

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