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In the study, "Marshalltown Library Service; A History of the First Fifty Years, 1860-1910," the researcher traced Marshalltown's library service provided during three time spans. The researcher documented the services provided during the three time spans dating from March 4, 1892, to September 3, 1898, when the library was housed at the Marshall County Courthouse as a private association; from September 3, 1898, to September 22, 1903, when service was provided from above Andrew's Dry Goods store by the Marshalltown Free Public Library; and concluding with the time period April 22, 1903, through December 31, 1910, when public library service was provided from the Carnegie endowed edifice at the corner of State and Center Streets in Marshalltown, Iowa.

The study specifically mentions the primary forces, Andrew Carnegie and the Marshalltown Woman's Club, which were instrumental in promoting the increasing democratization of the service from its more elite form as an association library to its free public library stage as the Carnegie endowed Marshalltown Public Library.

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Elizabeth Martin


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