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In all areas of teaching the word "relevancy" is being used. College instructors in the fields of education, articles written by educators, leaders of education workshops are saying that the student learns faster and retains more when materials and approaches are relevant. In recent years, only since about 1966, those in the school library field have been advancing this theory. Ericson and Carmody state in a 1971 article, "Individualization has always been the librarian's stock and trade. Add the new keynote 'relevancy.' There can, then, be no predetermined sequence taught as isolated media skills lessons. To be effective, any teaching must be closely related to classroom activities.

The purpose of this study ls to learn whether or not practicing elementary school librarians in Iowa are in reality teaching library skills by integrating them with a relevant classroom assignment and whether or not they have any method or methods of evaluating their objectives. Such a study should enable those in the school library field to assess where Iowa elementary school librarians are in the acceptance and implementation of this concept of integrating the teaching of these library skills with classroom activities. It should also be of interest to those entering the working force to know the status quo.

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Mary Lou McGrew


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