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Today' s media specialist faces a great many demands upon her expertise. There can be no distinction made between the toils of selection to the rigors of cataloging. Nor may one emphasize the importance of bibliographic work over the necessity of film previewing. Media specialists are constantly bombarded with newer and more difficult tasks as services are expanded to meet the needs of the youth of the 70's. The media center has become in many cases an all encompassing unit with little differentiation among its services. The question then being how can one service be singled out as particularly significant. It would be presumptuous to suggest that the amount of time, energy or students affected serve as the basis for this selection. Instead one must realize that each media specialist sees the greater significance on the basis of her individual situation.

Therefore, this author has chosen to reflect upon the significance of the service of reading guidance for the leisure reader. This service has presented many problems and rewards and thereby merits extensive consideration. The following writings will attempt to place reading guidance in perspective.

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