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First, we must define what is meant by the term, Instructional Materials Center. It has been called a library, a resource center or an audiovisual center. Bruce R. Purrington's explanation seems appropriate. He likens the Instructional Materials Center to a university. A university is a collection of various schools or colleges, and the Instructional Materials Center is a collection of several libraries or resource units containing libraries of printed materials, projected materials, transmitted materials and recorded materials.

To explain the Instructional Materials Center's purpose we have to briefly look at the educational developments and demands of today. In the last several years we have viewed curriculum more broadly than ever before as the growing needs of all kinds of education become apparent and educational achievement levels rise. We no longer consider learning as only for children; it is a lifelong process, and the school must prepare the student. The student must be taught an effective mode of inquiry which will be useful to him throughout life. The school program, developed to meet current needs, must also anticipate change to come. Such a program of education calls for a high quality and diversity of materials and methods of instruction appropriate to the age and ability of the learner, as well as to the changing objectives of education.

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