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To assess the impact of the Phase III portion of HF 499. the 11 Excellence in Education Act 11 passed in 1986 by the Iowa legislature, 163 individuals were randomly selected to complete a written survey in February, 1989. Their 135 <84%) responses suggest that library media specialists have participated in creating their local Phase III plans at high rates relative to their numbers; that a majority of districts' plans permit the proposal of individual projects; that a majority of library media specialists have proposed, implemented, and been paid for such activities; that others have participated in group projects, committee work, and/or been paid for their participation in performance-based pay plans. A minority of library media specialists report that they were required to provide services for the completion of Phase III projects of others. A majority of library media specialists, both those who have participated and those who have not, indicated that Phase III will have a positive impact on the quality, effectiveness, and performance of teachers in their district.

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Master of Arts


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Leah Hiland


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