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Young adult fiction may not portray obese characters accurately. Research questions used to explore this issue focused on how obese characters were portrayed in young adult fiction. One set of questions asked whether characters in the books in this study will suffer from ridicule and peer rejection. A second set of questions asked whether any the books in this study will suggest that losing weight will ensure personal happiness. A third set of questions asked whether any of young adult fiction books in this study will portray obesity in a negative manner. After compiling the information, the researcher found that young adult literature portrays obese characters in such a negative manner. The researcher also found obese characters were not treated the same way as a non-obese character. The researcher also found that many of the obese characters were either teased or bullied in regards to their weight. The researcher also found that physical characteristics were portrayed in a negative manner. It seems that people work so hard on creating equal right for others and not allowing discrimination; that people would work hard to treat obese people in the same way.

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Barbara Safford


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