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The purpose of this study was to explore the implications resulting from experiences in libraries that parents and children face when they come to the public library with externally identified reading levels that restrict their reading to materials with a particular numerical measure. The volunteer participants included 27 parents and their children who frequent the public library searching for books, particularly leveled books. Participants completed a simple, paper survey which was located at the library desk over a two week period. Based on their in depth answers to survey questions, three parents of first and second grade students were asked if they would be willing to participate in a semi-structured interview to provide further insight. The data from the survey and parent interviews showed favorable responses for knowing a child's reading level and allowing the child to self-select the books at their predetermined level. Reading level was the most popular influence on selection of materials among pre kindergartners through middle schoolers with 20 students and their parents choosing this option on the survey. This represents 74% of the sample population. The parents' responses towards leveled readers and their children's comprehension levels did not support the assumption that parents strongly influence their children to choose leveled readers. These parents support their children's reading ability by allowing them to choose books of choice as well as leveled readers.

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Joan Bessman Taylor


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