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This was a study of professional media personnel staffing and/or reductions that occurred in the Cedar Rapids (Iowa) Community School District for the period between 1973-74 and 1977-78. The purpose of the study was to gain insight into changes in enrollment compared to professional media staffing changes and also the effects that staffing changes had on media services. Literature searches were made of both library literature and general education literature to examine procedures and criteria used in media staff reductions, Information about Cedar Rapids Community Schools concerning declining enrollments, school closures, media personnel or position reductions, criteria for staffing and/or reductions, and affected media services was obtained through personal interviews with Cedar Rapids District administrators, and principals and media specialists in schools where media staffing changes occurred. Results of the study showed specific media staffing changes, criteria and procedures used, and pinpointed specific media services that were affected by the changes at both district and building levels.

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Master of Arts


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Elizabeth Forbes


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