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The purpose of this project is to write a dystopian science fiction short novel for young adults, in tum raising awareness of the genre among young people, as well as causing them to consider today's technology issues from a different viewpoint. Background research commenced on characteristics, history, and readership of science fiction. The sub genre of dystopian science fiction was reviewed through the examination of scholarly research in this particular area. After additional reading of science fiction books, the first chapter of the researcher's science fiction novel was written. Next, students in three sections of high school language arts classes were asked to read excerpts from The Princess of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs, The Time Machine by H. G. Wells, and the researcher's first chapter. Students had opportunities to comment, compare, contrast, and record likes and dislikes of all the material they had been asked to read. Though many students found the readings entertaining, a greater number commented about science fiction's ability to reveal potential problems in our technologically advancing society.

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Barbara Safford


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