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In Iowa, The Electric Company is broadcast over the IEBN (Iowa Educational Broadcast Network). Approximately 65 percent of the population of Iowa is capable of receiving a clear signal from one of the IEBN stations. According to a national survey by Drs. R. J. Liebert and R. E. Herriott, in the fall of 1972 23 percent of all elementary schools in the United States were using The Electric Company in some way. When the statistics are limited to areas of the country where The Electric Company is actually being broadcast the percentage of schools that are using it in some way increases to 26 percent. In schools with full technical capability 44.5 percent of the schools were using The Electric Company. 10 Of these schools, 88 percent of the teachers using the program reported that their students had had increased reading interest as a result of watching the program.

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Master of Arts


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Mary Lou Mc Grew


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