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The purpose of the study was to analyze the content of children's and young adult fiction books which portray contemporary interracial families. A checklist was prepared to address how the structures of these families are being presented. Three hypotheses were rejected. The first hypothesis stated that the majority of the interracial families portrayed would include on African American and one caucasian parent. The data showed that only forty-one percent of the families fit that criterion. The third hypothesis stated that the majority of interracial families would encourage their children to accept both sides of their heritage. The data, however, showed that just over thirty-five percent of the families used that approach. The fourth hypothesis stated that the majority of interracial families portrayed would live in racially mixed, urban settings. Less than twenty-four percent actually lived in those communities.

Two hypotheses were accepted. The second stated that the majority of interracial children portrayed would exhibit positive self-esteem. The data supported this hypothesis. The fifth hypothesis stated that the majority of families portrayed would not experience discrimination from extended family, peers, or neighbors. The data supported this hypothesis.

Problems encountered during the study included the small number of appropriate titles available and the difficulty in identifying them. The majority of titles used in the study portrayed interracial families in a variety of communities and with a variety of socioeconomic backgrounds. Forty-one percent of the titles did not address the racial identity of the children portrayed.

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