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This study examines the effect of Titanium Nitride Coatings on tool life as used in the production process at John Deere Waterloo Works. Five metal-cutting operations were studied, they were broaching, reaming, mill cutting, hobbing and ball end milling. The experimental method was employed in this study. The variable that was manipulated was the tool coating. Titanium Nitride Coated metal-cutting tools are used in the experimental group and compared with uncoated tools in the controlled group. The only independent variable was the tool coating. The five metal cutting operations were then studied using the coated tools and compared them to the uncoated tools. The coated tools were found to produce significantly higher tool life, and proved to be of economic benefit with respect to cost per piece, regrinding cost, direct labor per piece, and total annual savings.

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Master of Arts


Department of Industrial Technology

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John Fecik


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Spring 1992

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