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Seventy-five percent of 41 randomly selected Iowa public school library media specialists who answered a storytelling questionnaire in November, 1990, indicated that they used one or more storytelling activities with students in grades prekindergarten to six. Eleven of the 12 storytelling activities were used more with students in grades three or below than they were with students in grades four to six. Just 22% of the library media specialists indicated that they taught students to do storytelling, and this activity was done about equally with upper and lower elementary students.

Seventy-three percent of these library media specialists had participated in storytelling workshops or in courses that included or were wholly about storytelling. Those who participated in both options did not use more storytelling activities than those who had only participated in one option.

The study found that the number of storytelling activities the library media specialist used did not seem to be influenced by the following: a. the number of students served; b. the number of library media centers served; c. the hours per semester the library media specialist is in the elementary library media center: and d. the hours per semester the elementary library media center is staffed.

The study only measured how many storytelling activities were done by elementary library media specialists. It did not measure how often those activities were used nor the quality of those activities.

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