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The report of a study conducted in the fall of the 1978-79 school year by the elementary media specialist at Hudson, Iowa Elementary School to determine what literary characteristics were found in books which were currently popular with the Hudson fourth and fifth grade students. The literature reviewed discussed the criteria of literary quality developed by other authors. A set of ten criteria with which to judge literary quality was developed by the researcher. A survey was taken to determine the fifteen most popular books among these students. The books were then read by the researcher and evaluated in terms of the criteria of literary quality. Eleven of the books were found to contain five or more of the ten characteristics of literary quality. The range of characteristics present was from ten in three books down to two in two books. The results indicated this group of students was reading a mix of books of varied quality. It also indicated the influence of filmed media on the reading choices of the study group. The survey instruments are included.

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Master of Arts


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Gerald Hodges


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