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The advertising and fundraising landscape continues to change and evolve as technology advances. Yesterday’s techniques might not work in today’s digital-forward world. Effective digital marketing campaigns utilized in the for-profit sector have the potential to increase revenue, connect with donors, and assist in achieving overall organizational goals when utilized properly. This can be done through correct implementation of campaigns and strategies, adapting to new technology, and focusing on donor engagement as a way to sustain donor loyalty. The purpose of this research paper is to explore current for-profit digital marketing techniques, how nonprofits currently utilize digital marketing, and the impact these campaigns have on social media usage and donor loyalty for nonprofits looking to curtail the ongoing problem of donor attrition. The paper will examine the impact of developing and implementing digital marketing best practices in order to help nonprofit organizations better cultivate donors through personalization as well as furthering the donor’s relationship to the mission of the nonprofit. The findings show that digital marketing is not just a new tactic for nonprofits to use, but it can actually help address the shifts in donor behavior because of its personalized approach to engaging donors.

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Master of Arts


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Julianne Gassman

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