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The goal of this literature review was to determine the degree to which academics, social scientists, child service agencies, attorneys, pediatricians, psychologists, teachers, advocates, the courts, and others involved in the lives of foster children are aware of the obstacles foster children face in achieving the mentoring, resilience, and funding required to pursue a postsecondary education.

According to most published reports, the current foster care system cares for between 390,000 and 450,000 children per year. This figure does not offer the necessary awareness for the over 2.5 million children in "kinship" care (Annie E. Casey Foundation, 2023). These children are frequently on their way to a congregate care facility or other foster care arrangements, due to a lack of state-funded support, behavioral issues, and a lack of training for kinship care caregivers. Providers in the Black and Hispanic populations are frequently grandparents or other relatives who do not have the financial means to care for more children. They are often in the most need of post-secondary education transition assistance.

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