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Matter--Study and teaching (Secondary); Force and energy--Study and teaching (Secondary); Chemistry, Physical and theoretical--Study and teaching (Secondary);


The project I have chosen to focus on for the creative component of the Science Masters of Arts program is the creation of a high school chemistry instructional unit. The focus of this unit is on Energy, Matter, and Change, which is addressed in the Iowa Core/Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) (Lead States, 2013a ). This unit will be adapted using Unit 2, Energy Particles in Motion and Unit 3, Energy and States of Matter of the Modeling Instruction curriculum developed by the American Modeling Teachers Association (Modeling Instruction for High School Chemistry, 2017). The Energy Particles in Motion unit focuses on matter and its constant state of motion as well as gas laws. The Energy and States of matter unit looks at energy conservation and energy transfer. Together, parts of these two individual units will cohesively fit together and be used to develop an NGSS Chemistry aligned unit (Hestenes, 2010).

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