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Although the brain functions as a whole unit with both sides being active, there are areas of specialization within the brain. Research indicates that the human brain is composed of two hemispheres, which are capable of functioning independently of one another. According to Michael Gazzaniga (1983), the left hemisphere is responsible for linear, symbolic, sequential and verbal thought. The right hemisphere is responsible for holistic, concrete, random and pictorial thoughts. The left can be compared to a computer while the right is more creative and intuitive. Individuals tend to develop a preference for using one side over the other, although at no time is only one brain half used. Madeline Hunter (1976) believes education focuses primarily on left-brain dominant students, leaving a vast reservoir of brain power untapped. The best educational methods are those that teach as many students as possible via techniques and strategies that reach all types of learners.

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Master of Arts in Education


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Sharon E. Smaldino

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Marvin Heller


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