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When an author creates his medium is words, when a composer creates his medium is music, when a sculptor works he employs clay or stone. Film, used as a creative medium is one of the least limiting tools available to express originality of ideas. It can actually encompass all other forms of creativity by projecting them on a screen. By adding sound to the film words can be used in an effective form. For these reasons, film can be an exciting creative format.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of film is that it shows motion. It does not have to "suggest" movement as an author or an artist ;nay try to imply movement; film can create or re-create movement in itself. It can capture life as we normally see it, or it can be as abstract as any other piece of art. It can be as simple or complex as desired. The camera can be made to see what the creator wants it to see.

Anyone engaged in creativity manipulates his medium whether it be words, paint, stone or musical instruments. In film the camera is only one aspect of manipulation. Any chosen film subject can also be arranged and rearranged, as with actors in dramatic presentations and inanimate objects in animations.

Film is like any other creative format as to its uses. 2 It can be just fun. It can make a comment. It can be used for instructiona1 purposes. The use is decided by the user, and the artist does not try to restrict its use or purpose any further than the medium does inherently.

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