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Hetherington (1979) predicted that as many as one-half of all children born in the United States during the 1970's would spend some time in a single parent home. These children faced unique circumstances as they continued to grow and develop (Desimone-Luis, O'Mahoney, and Hunt, 1979; Kurdek and Siesky, 1980b; Levitin, 1979; Luepnitz, 1979; Wallerstein, 1984a,b; and Wallerstein and Kelly, 1980). When parents separated, these youth felt an insecurity about their situation (Andrew, 1978; Farber, Primavera, and Felner, 1983; Hetherington, 1979; Nelly, 1984; Wallerstein, 1984a,b; and Wallerstein and Kelly, 1980). At times this uncertainty hindered their ability to function, hurt their relationships with peers, and caused stresses which contributed to under achievement or failure academically (Kurdek and Siesky, 1979, 1980a,b; Neely, 1984; Wallerstein 1984a; Wallerstein and Kelly, 1980).

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