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Students--Self-rating of; Earth sciences--Study and teaching (Secondary);


Student engagement is a constant struggle teachers and schools work to address. Students who are not engaged are more likely to drop out of school and participate in risky behaviors that negatively impact themselves and society as a whole. As a means to combat student disengagement, school districts have begun to implement The New Art and Science of Teaching, a framework meant to engage students by involving them in the learning process through self-assessment.

The purpose of this study is to determine how accurately high school aged students can self-assess and how students make decisions when they self-assess. To determine accuracy, student self-assessment scores were compared to their actual scores. Students also provided an explanation of their score which was used to determine the basis students use to self-assess. Self-assessment is found to vary in accuracy based on student ability and therefore is not an effective technique for helping all students grow.

This study will help teachers evaluate the degree of usefulness self-assessment practices have in the classroom and it can help teachers make decisions about how they design self-assessment procedures in the classroom. This study will also provide insight into the different ways high school aged student think about the learning process.

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Master of Arts in Education


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Jody Stone, Advisor

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Spring 2021

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