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Children--Books and reading; Motivation (Psychology);


The purpose of this study was to determine if students' motivation to read is influenced by the use of Accelerated Reader or SSR in their school. Fourth grade students had been selecting books to read based on Accelerated Reader levels. After reading each book the students took a quiz. SSR was implemented for two weeks to determine if students' attitudes towards reading would improve.

A mixed-methods approach was used in this research design. Quantitative data were collected through the MRP survey, administered both before the introduction of SSR and after implementing SSR. Qualitative data were collected through an individual conversational interview. An embedded design analysis was used to allow the researcher to consider students' responses from the MRP survey while studying the comments from each conversational interview.

The data from the MRP survey showed a 2% decrease in students' motivation to read. The conversational interviews revealed that most students do not like to take Accelerated Reader quizzes and depend on levels when making book selections. During SSR the students felt that they read more and liked the quiet classroom atmosphere. This class still needs continued support in making book selections based on reading for enjoyment or for information.

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Master of Arts


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Karla Krueger, Graduate Faculty Reader


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