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Ultrasonics in medicine--Study and teaching; Ultrasonic imaging--Study and teaching;


Advancements in technology have led to the innovation of ultrasound simulators as a training tool for sonography. This review explores the use of ultrasound simulators and their role in diagnostic ultrasound training programs. Peer-reviewed studies published from 2001-2017 on using simulators in educating students and physicians in ultrasound were reviewed. This review presents the research in a chronological format-beginning with the more general research of the early 2000s. It then explores the research by clinical application as research evolved. The research indicates that using ultrasound simulators helped physicians and medical residents overcome the steep learning curves and improve their sonographic and pathology recognition skills. These improvements were sustained over time and transferred into other skill sets. Students, residents and mentors viewed simulator training as beneficial. Additionally, simulators can serve as an objective means of assessment and an indicator of clinical readiness. Additional research should be done to see if ultrasound simulators can be applied to a more diverse set of exams and if similar results are demonstrated at the undergraduate Diagnostic Medical Sonography level.

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