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Recipient of the 1997 Outstanding Master's Thesis Award - First Place.

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Mycorrihizas--Identification; Soil fungi--Identification;


We have developed a rapid method of identification using molecular techniques to detect and differentiate two isolates of arbuscular mycorrhizal (AM) fungi. Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) was used to produce DNA fragments unique to the genomes of Glomus mosseae and Gigaspora margarita through RAPD analysis. The banding patterns produced by the arbitrary 10 base primer (5' CTGCCGCCAC) resulted in isolate specific fragments which were cloned using the pCR II™ cloning vector (lnvitrogen) and subsequently sequenced. Sequence data of the fragments led to the design of specific primer pairs (5' CTGCCGCCACTGGAACATGATTTTG and 5' CTGCCGCCACCAGAAATCGAACCG for Gigaspora margarita , 5' CTGCCGCCACCCCTATTTTAATCTAGCand5'CTGCCGCCACTGTCGGAATA for Glomus mosseae) which included incorporation of the RAPD primer sequence. The presence of these fungi in infected roots can be detected even in the company of competing genomic DNA's by the amplification of a 269 bp (base pair) fragment from Gigaspora margarita, and a 381 bp fragment from Glomus mosseae. This approach can be used to study the distribution and variation of AM fungi in infected roots.

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1997 Award

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Master of Arts


Department of Biology

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James E. Jurgenson, Chair, Thesis Committee


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