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The purpose of this study was to examine the parallel form test-retest reliability and concurrent validity of an instrument designed to measure parental love deprivation. This instrt1Dent, the Parental Love Deprivation Scale (PLDS), was designed by Dr. Radhi Al-Mabuk. The subjects in the study were 77 college students enrolled in three undergraduate classes in the College of Education at the University of Northern Iowa during the spring semester, 1992. Parallel for of the test were administered at a one month interval, with resulting reliability coefficients ranging from .93 for the PLDS/Father and .82 for the PLDS/Mother. In addition, Chronbach's Alpha of internal consistency was run to determine the reliability of the PLDS with the following results: PLDS/Father Pre-test, .96; PLDS/Mother Pre-test, .83; PLDS/Father Post-test, .97; and PLDS/Mother Post-test, .92. An attempt was made to examine the concurrent validity of the instrument by comparing results received on four additional instrt111ents. Hudson's Child's Attitude toward Father (CAF) and Child's Attitude toward Mother (CAM) were administered at the time of the PLDS Pre-test. The Coopersmith Self-Esteem Inventory and Speilberger's State-Trait Anxiety Measures were administered at the time of the PLDS Post-test. Using Pearson r Correlation, the following results were received: PLDS/Father Pre-test with CAF, .88; PLDS/Mother Pre-test with CAM, .74; PLDS/Father Post-test with the Self-Esteem Inventory, -.41; and PLDS/Mother Posttest with the Self-Esteem Inventory, -.43; PLDS/Father Post-test with the State Anxiety measure, .23; and PLDS/Mother Post-test with the State Anxiety measure, .26; PLDS-Father post-test with the Trait Anxiety measure, .15; and PLDS-Mother Post-test with the Trait Anxiety measure, .23. In addition, Chronbach's Alpha of internal consistency was run with the following results; CAF, .97; CAM, .92; Coopersmith, .85; State Anxiety, .91; and Trait Anxiety, .92. Conclusions include (a) that the PLDS is reliable and (b) that a significant correlation exists between the PLDS and other instruments designed to measure attitudes and attributes which research has shown to correlate with parental love deprivation with the exception of the State and Trait Anxiety measures.

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Master of Arts in Education


Department of Educational Psychology and Foundations

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Radhi H. Al-Mabuk

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Charles V. L. Dedrick

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Barry J. Wilson


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