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Trauma has become a larger issue in schools, and it is necessary for school administrators, specifically principals, to be fully aware of and equipped to deal with trauma in the student body. There is limited quantitative research on what principals currently know about trauma and trauma-informed practices. To help fill this need for more quantitative data, this research study surveyed principals in two Midwest states to address the following questions: To what extent do principals know about traumainformed care in schools? Did the principals receive any training on trauma-informed care in their graduate/certification programs? Did they seek training on their own? What are principals' perceptions of trauma-informed care? Do principals feel that they can transition their school to being trauma-informed if it is not already? This survey had a response rate of 4% (N = 120). Principals reported a need for more information to help their school with trauma-informed practices, despite many having already attended specific trauma-informed training. Additionally, principals indicated that there is a lot of need in their student populations for trauma-informed practices.

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